Stevenage Cricket Club News story

Subject to ECB Agreement League will start on Saturday 11th July

18 May 2020

Subject to ECB agreement SHPCL league season to start on 11thJuly 2020

There will be a number of conditions attached to that proposal.                              Broadly, as SHPCL Committee indicated in our last update and subject to the Government and ECB guidance, they intend to start the league season on 11thJuly.        Most clubs have said that they could play beyond the normal league season and we have decided that the latest possible date that we could start (and get in 9 games) would be 25thJuly and some clubs who lose their grounds would have to play away for the last two games.                                                                                                          Because of possible weather and Covid-19 cancellations, there would have to be a minimum of 7 games played.                                                                                            All matches would be under the limited overs format.                                                    Division one and below league games will take place without promotion and relegation, but the league do intend to award trophies as usual to all divisional winners.