Stevenage Cricket Club News story

AGM Deferred until new year

18 Nov 2020

To: All Stevenage Cricket Club Members

Dear Member,

The Executive Committee hope that you and your family are keeping safe and well during these troubling and uncertain times.

At the Club, we are continuing to meet via Zoom to conduct day-to-day management activities and to address other matters that arise. The most pressing of these is the AGM, which you are probably aware is traditionally held in late November.

The current lockdown regulations and the continuing threat to health have resulted in the decision to postpone the AGM until the New Year when, hopefully, we will be able to meet in safer circumstances.

The elected Committee members will continue to serve until the AGM can be held but, in the meantime, I ask you to think ahead to consider who you would like to serve on the Executive Committee, or as team captain or in any of the other capacities that the Club needs to carry-out its management responsibilities.

We will publish a list of all the posts that require election, along with those individuals who are willing to stand again, following the next Executive Committee meeting that is to be held on the 24th November.

SCC Committee

18th November 2020