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Why take part in Junior Winter Training? 

I’m Luke Wilkinson Level 2 coach

Cricket is my passion and that is why I coach in a fun, and hopefully engaging way. I teach as I would want to be taught.. 

People think cricket is a summer sport but for cricketers getting fit before the summer season is crucial. This is why Stevenage Cricket Club puts on winter training. Not just for juniors but for seniors too. 

Many juniors can feel intimidated coming to play cricket as they feel they aren’t as good as the person standing next to them. I remember feeling just like this. This isn’t true. Every person, boy or girl has a strength and that is what we hone in on. We know that this strength will progress and you will get stronger as a player and a team mate as the time goes on.

We train in winter right up to the beginning of the summer season. This helps us build the trust between our team and know how each Individual plays.

The sessions start with a warm up which is different each week. then we move into skill training such as batting, bowling, fielding and wicket keeping.
We also look at keeping their fitness up important certainly after the festive season!), we can all get lazy so starting early is a must!

The main thing is to keep the players engaged and that they enjoy themselves. This is why they want to come back each week. 

Willing to give it a go? Come down to Nobel School every Friday and join in, new players are welcomed and it doesn’t matter your ability. Contact me below to get the full details. I look forward to seeing you there!

Level 2 Coach
Stevenage Cricket Club
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